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Private Banking

Private Banking

CEEAAM recommends its private banking services for individual clients. Our private banking clients are assigned a personal advisor, who is in charge of managing the client’s finances, explores their needs, determines projected expenditures and income, and recommends investment alternatives. The personal advisor is available for consultation by phone, fax, or email, and is prepared to provide continuous information about the client’s portfolio, the market situation, and investment trends and the risks.

In the past, commercial banks provided most private banking services. Recently, specialized financial companies have been gaining ground. Investors have realized that the interests of huge commercial banks (collecting deposits as a source of cheap funding) often contradict with those of their clients. CEEAAM, as an independent financial service provider, believes it is crucial to always act in the client’s best interest and that the most important factor when selecting investment products should be the maximum expected return for the client’s level of acceptable risk.

Our offerings:

  • • CEEAAM will carefully select the best available and most appropriate products from our domestic and foreign partners. We constantly monitor and evaluate the market for available financial solutions and investment possibilities.
  • • We provide research for our clients (macro-, sector-, company analysis)
  • • Our private bankers are available by phone, through electronic channels, in person in the CEEAAM offices, or at our client’s home or office.
  • • We focus on personal customer care and confidentiality.

Private banking is a complex set of services that includes financial planning, portfolio management, securities trading, and tax advisory.

Financial planning

During preliminary conversations, the private banker surveys the personal goals of our client and prepares a long term financial plan that includes a present wealth analysis, a breakdown of expected future incomes, and predicted expenditures (e.g. real estate purchase). Experts at CEEAAM not only help to plan our client’s financial future, we also contribute to its successful realization.

Portfolio management

CEEAAM offers professional individual portfolio management services to its private banking clients. The aim of our company is to preserve the wealth and stay within the boundaries set in the investment policy, while attaining the highest possible returns. Our clients may select between discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management. In non-discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager acts only after he has received the client’s approval. Choosing the discretionary mandate means that you do not have to worry about the day-to-day decision making; the portfolio managers will deal with your affairs in your best interest. Both types of mandates can be set up or cancelled at any time.

Securities trading

CEEAAM offers favorable customer order execution services on most of the world’s important exchanges. We make sure that your orders for equities, certificates, ETFs or any other listed or unlisted securities are handled with extreme care in consideration of precision, speed, and price.

We provide our institutional clients with direct access to the personnel at our sales-trading desk, who support you with market color and timely updates throughout the order and execution process.

CEEAAM is an expert at regional government and corporate fixed income investments. Our clients may select from a wide range of local and foreign bond issues denominated in domestic or other foreign currencies.

Tax advisory

We believe it is important to help our investors to realize their investments in a tax-efficient manner. Our team provides expert advice on tax law changes and assists in the tax calculation process. Tax-related questions from our private banking clients are answered promptly and professionally by CEEAAM’s law firm and tax consultant partners.